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Where Natural Nail Technicians Learn AND Become the Best in the Business!

Virtual Training Session:
  • What You Didn't Learn in School... 3-Hours of Lucrative Skill Training and Winning Secrets... Includes:

    • Theory Refresher, Customer Service and Client Retention Review

    • 1 Manicure Observation and Assessment​

    • 1 Pedicure Observation and Assessment 

  • Personalized Service Performance Evaluation

  • Training Available on Monday's and Tuesday's

Tamara Johnson-Shealey

"Becoming a Nail Technician was my dream career. I LOVED my job and made great money in the industry... I look forward to teaching and training you all that I learned…." 

Get the book, "Guide to Thrive to Survive: Health, Safety and Longevity in Salons and Barbershops" AND Schedule your consultation...     

Tamara Johnson-Shealey

Flowers and Nails
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